our why

We desire to see a future of happy people, families, and communities.


how we will fulfill our vision

We aim to make people happy - one pastry at a time. We hope to achieve this from within our business moving outwards starting with our team members and extending to our families and communities. We desire to:

- enrich our employees' lives so that they feel valued, fulfilled by the work that they do, reach and exceed their individual potential;

- enrich our customers' lives through pastry and desserts that are crafted to the best of our abilities;

- enrich our communities by being a proponent of goodness.  By valuing our team members, customers, and those we work with, we hope this will enrich their lives and in turn positively influence their families and shape the communities we live in.


our guiding principles

P - People, Purpose, Performance

We are a PEOPLE based organization
We have a clear PURPOSE of why we exist as a business
We have a mandate to PERFORM so that we thrive and sustain our mission and vision

A - Advance and improve ourselves: this goes beyond our skills as a baker but in any area of life

S - Service of others: we think of others first before ourselves

T - Teamwork: we value the people we work with

R - Relationships: we endeavour to cultivate the connections we have with people

Y - Yield to God's authority and sovereignty


the human element

Our mission is to make people happy one pastry at a time.  This mission extends to the way we do business by providing a work environment where people are happy and find joy in their work.  In the area of sustainability we believe that in as much as we pay attention to our use of recyclable materials and reusable energies, we also need to focus on the human element.  

We believe in ‘human sustainability’ - people who are fulfilled by their employment and find authentic joy in their work which we believe will help create happy families and communities.  Unfortunately the food service industry has been the victim of a lesser known side effect of mass manufacturing.  As food became seamingly cheaper, the market slowly became disconnected to how much work it takes to grow, produce, and make food locally and by human hands.  The result is that the food service sector has long been forced to underpay and overwork their labourers (and even forgo paid sick days or offer decent health benefits) to meet market expectations. 

At Elmo Baking Co. we aim to take part in this human sustainability.  Here’s how we plan to do it: 

Our team members will be paid more than the minimum wage
Our team members will work no more than 40 hours a week and be offered health benefits

But we need your help in this change!  Help us make happy families and communities by supporting our business. If you'd like to become a wholesale partner or team member please get in touch with us be sending us an e-mail at